at the flagpole

The story of DERE STREET BAKERY is savoury and sweet. In 1999 while spending a two week holiday at BOTELET, a 17th century Manor Cottage in Cornwall, England, David Cooper, his late wife Robin and their three children got to experience the richness of life in the English countryside while enjoying the comfort foods of David’s native England. Call it a mid-life crisis or perhaps fate, those two weeks would change the Cooper’s future. David had been looking for a new direction and had found it, turning his passion for food and baking into a great family business.

David was born and raised in northern England, a land of ancient history and untamable wilderness that exists to this day. It is the land of Hadrian’s Wall, Roman ruins, Geordies, Newcastle United and….DERE STREET, an ancient Roman road built in the 1st Century AD under the Governor Agricola. While much of the road today dots the English countryside as ruins along walking trails, a good portion of it is the footprint of the A1, the Great North Road linking England to Scotland. It was Robin’s idea to call the company Dere Street, hoping it would become the family’s footprint to a great new enterprise.

The company was founded in 2004 and like many small businesses, it was started at home. Working out of their kitchen, the Coopers peddled their scones and shortbreads to small bakeries in Fairfield County, CT. They were well received to say the least! Why? Because they make their products the way they are truly meant to be – fresh, flavorful and all natural, incorporating exotic ingredients, bountiful fruits from the Northwest and Northeast coasts of the US and herbs and spices from around the world. Dere Street now produces its growing line of British and Italian baked goods and other products from a state of the art commercial commissary in Danbury, CT. The company’s blueprint for success mirrors that of the ancient Romans as they undertook the building of DERE STREET…hard work, an untamable spirit, and the attention to quality that will withstand the passage of time.

The company is now opening a new chapter with the launching of DERE STREET Restaurant, Bar & Bakery in Newtown, CT. The restaurant is located at 33 Main Street and the DERE STREET Bakery is located directly behind the restaurant at 2 West Street.